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NLP success
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Congratulations, welcome to our home, come on in and enjoy!

Are you looking to take your life to the next level of happiness and fulfilment?

Do you deserve to be living an awesome life instead of a mediocre one?

Are you ready to start living the rest of the life the way YOU want?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go..


Our mission is to empower you to discover your authentic life purpose and reach your goals, which means you can absolutely achieve genuine happiness and fulfillment. We have designed our bespoke and innovative coaching packages to focus on getting the exact results you want for yourself.

We use our unique 5 step ELITE specialist coaching model that employs advanced NLP approaches, coupled with traditional techniques, providing you with a unique and valuable experience that enables authentic personal transformation. With over 25 years of coaching experience and a warm, approachable style you can trust ELITE Breakthrough to confidently deliver exceptional results, value for money and a quality service.

Do you find yourself regularly:


*Lacking the confidence you need to be the real you, or fear what impact living life as the real you would have?

*Overwhelmed with the lack of progress in your life, concerned with what the future holds for you?

*Disappointed with what you currently have and know that you deserve so much more?

*Frustrated you are yet to achieve the true potential you know you have within you?

*Unhappy in your career and drag yourself to work every day to pay bills?


Then what if I was to tell you there is an easy, comfortable effective way to change your results, would that be of interest to you?


Imagine if you, yes that’s you, could!


*Design the life you desire and acquire the mindset that fills you with a fire of motivation to go after it

*Have all the confidence you need to be the amazingly fabulous, best version of the real you

*Feel fulfilled with an amazing sense of inner peace bringing more health and happiness

*Live and work in a way that supports your life purpose bringing new levels of contentment

*Achieve your goals with a crystal clear vision and plan of how you will achieve it

Using our unique 5 step ELITE specialist coaching model, you too could be living the life you desire and deserve.



From a non-believer to a complete convert I would 100% recommend a session with Jeff for building your self-confidence and self – belief. He’s brilliant at putting you at ease, walking you through everything and then the magic happens! Its powerful stuff. The after effects are amazing and I can feel and see the difference in myself and best of all, people have noticed the change. And as a bonus, Jeff has helped cure my long term sleeping problem. I’ve gone from between 2-5 hours a night to at least 7 and half hours a night! I knew it had an impact but didn’t realise how much it was affecting my life until now

Ms M, South Wales, 2018

What's next for you?

Will tomorrow be the start of the new you?
Change your thoughts and change your world

Norman Vincent Peale
Your future is your choice....
Is it your time to sparkle...?

Our services are very unique and deliver exceptional results for our treasured clients. We work with individuals on a 121 basis ensuring we obtain exceptional results for you and therefore have limited availability. We are not able to offer this service to everybody, there are circumstances where you may be advised that our services are not appropriate for you at present. If this is the case, following your FREE discussion, then we will always try to help you locate the correct support you require.

Now that you are ready to make that change, go ahead, start your journey with a FREE call with me and discuss your specific needs.

*Determine if our exceptional services are right for you

*Gain clarity on what you want to achieve in life

*Explore your options for progress

*Get a strategic plan to implement

*Become motivated and energised

*Look forward to your future success!



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