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Our purpose at ELITE Breakthrough Solutions is to help you to create and empower your future success, TODAY!

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We use specialist NLP coaching to help busy professionals like you achieve a more fulfilled and balanced life by removing un-resourceful thinking and behaviour that limit personal growth. Replacing them with effective, self-nourishing practices that empower and accelerate achievement of your own individual success.


Is NLP right for me?

  • Are you totally fulfilled with your life or career?
  • Do you love what you do and how you go about it?
  • Are you bringing your whole, authentic self to everything you do?


If not, ask yourself why not?


  • Maybe you know you have potential that you are yet to realise?
  • Perhaps you feel you have so much more to offer the world?
  • Can you see a future for yourself that is very different to where you are now?
  • Thinking of a career transition but just don’t know where to start?
  • Frustrated that the promotion opportunities aren’t happening for you?
  • Need a total rethink of where you are and where you’re heading?
  • Reached a plateau after years of success and wondering what to do next?


If you answered YES to any of these then PERFECT! You are in exactly the right place because NLP specialist coaching could be the answer you are looking for 🙂

We have developed a range of coaching packages that we are able to offer you that are designed to provide clarity and direction resulting in effective long term transformation, great value for money and a truly unique experience.

We tailor each package to your own individual needs through our FREE explosive personal success session where you will:

*Gain clarity on what you want

*Explore your options for progress

*Get a strategic plan to implement

*Become motivated and energised

*Look forward to your future success!


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