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If you are anything like me then you will want to hear from people who have experienced our services first hand. You need to be able to trust your coaching professional as they are instrumental in achieving the results you are paying for. You will see some feedback from some of our clients who have given permission for their stories to be shared on this page.

Making an investment in your future is a sound investment, though we positively encourage you to ensure that the coaching service provider is right for you. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident with them then they are not the right coach for you.

I have always been very interested in developing myself and using a variety of tools available to do this. Being a qualified coach myself I have had an interest in NLP for a number of years.  After seeing the enthusiasm from Jeff on his return from training and the buzz he had was infectious and I was excited to try it for myself.

I am a very private person and find it difficult to expose my inner fears, but the trust I had in Jeff made me feel comortable doing this. The experience itself was a complete mix of emotions. I had tears, laughter but overall an indescribable sense of peace at the end of the session, I have never slept so soundly! Jeff navigated me safely through the experience and I never at any time felt out of control or over-exposed and I put the success of the session down to me being open to it but more importantly his skill in pushing me far enough while maintaining control.

The intervention was so successful that I didn’t even realise it had been successful until after I managed what would have been a very stressful situation prior to the intervention without a thought and had a positive outcome. It wasn’t until afterwards that I had realised I had done it and felt amazing!

I would encourage anyone to be open to NLP and give it a try, you will not regret it…………………………….


May, 2018 – Ms S, Scotland (cited with permission, name anonymised for confidentiality)

From a non-believer to a complete convert I would 100% recommend a session with Jeff for building your self-confidence and self – belief. He’s brilliant at putting you at ease, walking you through everything and then the magic happens! Its powerful stuff. The after effects are amazing and I can feel and see the difference in myself and best of all, people have noticed the change. And as a bonus, Jeff has helped cure my long term sleeping problem. I’ve gone from between 2-5 hours a night to at least 7 and half hours a night! I knew it had an impact but didn’t realise how much it was affecting my life until now.

Ms.M, South Wales (2018)

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